Science Minister welcomes UK’s latest energy scheme collaboration as a game changer for climate change and businesses

Sam Gyimah, Universities & Science Minister of State, has launched a new government supported a project that is set innovate the field of energy distribution and storage.

The Power Forward Challenge scheme sees the UK work closely with the Canadian government to bring together visionaries from both countries to manage and develop future energy systems and tackle potential problems the national grid may face.

Janice Charette, Canadian High Commissioner to the UK, said “UK Power Forward challenge is a new incentive fund to accelerate development of smart grid technology. For use now & into the future to reduce emissions while supporting economic growth.”

The launch of this plan comes alongside the announcement of the winners of the UK-South Korea Bilateral Collaboration on Smart Energy Innovation which was launched earlier this year:

The three businesses will have access to a share of the £6 million funding made available by the British and South Korean governments in an attempt to partner companies from both countries to progress and revolutionise low-carbon technologies.

“These 2 projects show the high demand that there is for our expertise all around the world. And with the stakes so high, and the potential rewards so big, we are keen to show that expertise,” said Sam Gyimah.

The Science Minister went on to encourage British scientist, entrepreneurs and businesses to get creative and design new eco-friendly technologies to make the world greener, as governmental assistance remains to be available to fund new projects.


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