Energy Monitoring

With so many lights, bills, and processes to oversee, it’s hard for any site manager to see the full picture. It’s no wonder most organisations fail to track and measure their energy data.

You can’t manage what you can’t see. And it’s never been more crucial for Energy Monitoring to be flexible and agile.

The global pandemic has brought about various challenges when it comes to monitoring energy usage. Whole sites have been closed, some buildings have remained open, whilst other complexes have partially opened with reduced occupancy.

Energy Intelligence help organisations in the private and public sector gain beneficial insights into the practical steps that can be taken to adapt in these unpredictable times.

Monitoring, controlling and conserving energy whilst keeping up to date with compliance can be strenuous and time-exhausting. Before an effective efficiency strategy can be developed, sound understanding of how energy is used is essential.

Our Energy Monitoring service offers unrivalled, reputable knowledge and support that enable clients to make informed decisions to reduce energy wastage and costs.

As professional and experienced consultants, we supply clients with all the information needed in a comprehensive way to easily make sense of it, as often the sheer scale of data can be overwhelming.

Whether you’re looking to get some visibility on your gas, electricity and water usage, or be advised on necessary measures to rectify problems identified, our independent specialists make maximum impact to get the best cost-effective results

Services include:

Energy management is an ongoing process to achieve the best efficiency while meeting the practical requirements occurring within a facility.

Our mission is to help clients significantly reduce energy waste through strategic planning and analysis.

Gain insightful intelligence of your energy usage to positively impact finances and boost the bottom line. 

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