Water Reduction

Reduce water consumption and save money with our help.

There are many ways to improve energy efficiency, but often water is an overlooked area.

Wasted water costs UK businesses over £3billion each year – do you know how much water you are wasting?

We specialise in sustainable solutions that save water and wastewater, resulting in cut costs, reduced risk and increased efficiency.

Working closely with clients in the commercial and public sector, our Energy Consultants can advise on all aspects of Water Management from technical support and project management to system installation.

Water Bill Reduction
Water Bill Reduction and Reduce Flush
Whether you suspect a water leak, want to switch supply, reduce washroom flush volume or simply want to see how much you have overpaid on your water charges, our professional and experienced consultants are to hand.

With unparalleled experience and knowledge of the water industry, our Consultancy services include:

Low Water Flush Toilets

Water Bill Validation & Auditing

Comprehensive Site Survey

Water Conservation

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Some of the clients we have worked with:

Save money, save water with The Energy Intelligence Group.

Find out how much you can save with a comprehensive water efficiency audit