About Us

The Energy Intelligence Group are forward-thinking, independent Energy Management Consultants.

All organisations across the UK face challenging problems when it comes to rising energy costs and trying to be more energy efficient.

We’re passionate about helping clients overcome these barriers to reduce energy wastage and spend. 

We have years of specialist experience, transforming the way organisations manage their energy. Our experts identify how consumption can be reduced, so you can use energy intelligently. 

With our in-house extensive knowledge and skilled partners, Energy Intelligence provides exemplary support to a comprehensive array of clientele including private SMEs, schools, colleges, universities, public authorities, architects, surveyors, and NHS sites.

Clients commission us to support them in the following services to reduce energy usage and save money:

The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.

Our team strive for exceptional high standards; delivering insightful, valuable energy management services, each time, every time.

Our professional team comprises of experienced Energy Consultants, Project Designers and Energy Analysts, all who have a thorough understanding in energy saving solutions to help you improve your operational sustainability.

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Some of the clients we have worked with:

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The Energy Intelligence Group; independent Energy Management Consultants